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Alpaca yarn is just fantastic for weaving, which emphasises its softness and shine and the luxurious silky drape of the fibre. See the gallery below for examples!

Unfortunately, we cannot currently take any in-house weaving commissions, but strongly recommend local weaver Janis Embleton of Flight Weaving.

Weaving costs depend on lots of variables, including size, yarn weight, pattern, and the number of items to be woven.  A lot of the time (and therefore cost) involved in hand-weaving is in preparing the warp ready for weaving, so it’s much more cost-effective to weave several items from the same warp if possible.  (But this doesn't mean that they all have to be exactly the same – we can use different colours of warp and weft, and with weave patterns like twill, you can get lots of variation in pattern from the same warp.) 


The various permutations and combinations are almost endless, so it’s best to ask for a specific quote for whatever you have in mind.

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