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Fleece processing


We specialise in spinning alpaca fleece but we also process wool, especially from rare breeds, and other fibre-producing animals including llamas and angora rabbits. We can process any quantity from a single fleece upwards, and also blend in a variety of special fibres or dye fleece across the entire colour spectrum for something extra-special.

Please note: we are very busy with fleece processing orders and are usually booked up for over a year in advance. So if you'd like us to spin your fleeces, please plan ahead and book a space as soon as you can.


For information on the fleece processing process, options and charges, tips on preparing your fleece for spinning and all sorts of other things you never knew you wanted to know, please explore the sections here. But if you don't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us by phone or email - we're very friendly and we love blethering about alpacas, sheep and all things fleecey.

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