Suri alpacas

alpaca_suriAlthough we can process suri fleece on its own, we strongly recommend blending it with a small amount of huacaya.

In fact, a 50:50 blend of huacaya and suri alpaca gives, in our opinion, the very best yarn – soft, smooth, warm and lustrous. But even just 20% huacaya will make a dramatic difference to how well suri fleece processes. The crimpiness of the huacaya lightens the yarn and helps to hold the slivers together during spinning, which otherwise have a tendency to fall apart under their own weight. The huacaya also helps the long suri fibres to draft out more smoothly and evenly.

If you don’t have any suitable huacaya fleece of your own, we can provide a colour match at cost (currently £10 per kg + VAT). Please note that if the fleece has more than one year’s growth, we may need to cut in two any staples longer than c. 18cm at a cost of £5.00 + VAT per kg.

Alternatively, Two Rivers Mill in Dorset specialise in spinning suri, and use a fully worsted process which is great for suri fibre.

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