Making a booking

wforwantBefore you send us your fleece…

We usually have a waiting list of at least six months for fleece processing, so please contact us by phone (01361 883692) or email ( to discuss what you need and we’ll agree a target date for starting work on your fleece.

Please note that we can’t guarantee to meet this date – fleece processing isn’t an exact science, and things can and do go wrong. So if there’s a specific date that you need your yarn by, please allow plenty of time to spare, and let us know when you make your booking.

There is a minimum charge of £75 + VAT per individual batch, which equates to around 1.5 kg incoming weight for alpaca fleece to be spun into yarn, or 2.5 kg for fleece to be made into rovings or rug yarn.  Sheep fleece tends to lose a lot more weight in washing, so we’d recommend at least 2 kg for yarn and 3 kg for rovings. (We can process smaller quantities if you really want us to, but the minimum charge will apply to the batch.)

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