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Rustic Modern Crochet

  • A collection of unique and sophisticated crochet designs!
    Enjoy Yumiko Alexander's showcase of eighteen unique crochet designs. Yumiko takes her inspiration from the natural world - tide-swept sand, shells, coral, shale rock formations, the colours of earth and sky - creating gorgeous garments that feature organic motifs, subtle earth tones, and warm sunset hues.

    At the same time, these intriguing designs deliver a healthy dose of urban sophistication. Their simple, elegant silhouettes highlight eye-catching construction in which pieces come together in unexpected ways. Yumiko's rich palette is brought to life using luscious yarns that are as pleasing to the hand as they are to the eye and versatile enough that they can be dressed up or down according to your fancy.

    The eighteen design of Rustic Modern Crochet are stylish for all ages. Jump in and explore how to bring an organic, upscale look to your wardrobe.

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