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Metropolitan Knits

  • Knit for uptown or downtown with a trend-setting NYC designer. With these twenty polished, sophisticated projects, knitwear designer Melissa Wehrle has created a collection that perfectly reflects the rhythm, flavor, and drama of city life. 
    From a chunky cabled sweater and hat to a beautiful tunic and gossamer cardigan, Melissa's designs are beautifully shaped, expertly finished, and ready to be shown off on the street. They feature a variety of construction and finishing techniques: knit-in pockets, tabs, button details, slip-stitch edgings, along with small slits and pleats.
    Projects are divided along three themes:

    Heart of the City (sleek midtown)

    Urban Bohemia (downtown bohemian)

    City Gardens (a sense of tranquility)

    These three looks balance out a complete picture of the modern woman - fashionable yet timeless. What more could a city knitter need?

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