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No-Sew Knits

  • Kristen TenDyke will teach you how to knit the perfect sweater - no assembly required. Through clever planning and some simple techniques, her knitting projects are shaped and joined during knitting - all without sacrificing the pretty details.

    No-Sew Knits offers 20 garments that combine innovative construction and on-trend styling for comfortable everyday wear. Kristen takes the opportunity to introduce you to a variety of easier-than-they-seem techniques, while keeping each knitting pattern approachable for advanced beginners.

    Chapters offer basic no-sew patterns, interchangeable stitch patterns, cables, and lace. The results are beautifully constructed garments that boast eye-catching details such as seamless pockets, hoods, bust darts, and faux seams. Each knitting pattern features a Tip section that helps you learn new ways to customize your garments.

    Pretty and practical, the patterns in No-Sew Knits will build your knitting repertoire as you build your wardrobe. 

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