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scalesFleece processing charges

How much it costs to process your fleece depends on a number of factors:

  • the weight of fleece that we start with, and also how much remains at different stages of the process
    (dirtier, coarser fleeces or those with a lot of vegetable matter will lose a lot more weight than clean, fine fleeces)
  • the type of yarn you’d like
    (finer yarns take much longer to spin and ply than chunkier ones – there’s more information on the various types of yarn in the knitting section in craft corner or in the Yarn Information download)
  • how you have the yarn finished
    (on cone, or in balls or skeins, and with or without printed labels
  • whether the fleece needs sorting or any other additional services, such as dyeing

There’s information on how we calculate the actual cost for your fleece in the Processing Charges download. (Please note: all prices exclude VAT and delivery; and there’s a discount of 3% for single batches of 3kg or more, and 6% for 6kg.)

The average return rate is 70%, so we’ve included the price per kg incoming weight (that is, the weight of fleece you send to us for processing) based on this average. But if you’d like to get a more accurate estimate of the likely return rate and cost for your own fleece, please download our ‘Ready Reckoner’.

If you’re interested in having handwoven throws, shawls, scarves or baby blankets made up from your fleece, please take a look at our Beyond Yarn… section.

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