weavingSo you’ve spun your yarn and maybe dyed it too. So now what? If, like me (that’s Juliet, in case you were wondering) you’re tragically slow knitter with a short attention span, you might want to try weaving instead.

Pure alpaca yarn, and alpaca blends too, are just wonderful for weaving. Alpaca is fine but very strong, so even a fine 2 ply yarn will be strong enough to use for the warp as well as the weft. And the heavy, silky drape of alpaca is perfect for woven fabrics.

Expert weavers such as our good friend Araminta Campbell design and weave some amazing textiles from alpaca yarn – with intricate combinations of texture and colour.

But alpaca is also great for beginner weavers like me – it’s such a luxurious, silky, lustrous yarn that sometimes a very plain weave structure is best, letting the beauty of the yarn speak for itself.

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