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Our 50% alpaca, 50% mohair blend combines our favourite, silky soft alpaca with the vibrancy that only mohair can provide.

Available in 100g and 50g balls.

c. 220m per 100g.

The fine fibres we spin to make our yarn are grown in Britain by exuberant, mischievous beasties who love rolling in dust, splashing in puddles, and generally doing anything they can to get lots of vegetation and mud stuck in their lovely fleeces.

We process the fibre in small batches, sorting carefully by hand and washing it very gently, but you may still find the odd grass seed or small bit of hay or moss in the yarn. These are easily picked out as you knit, and we hope that you will forgive the inconvenience for the joy of knowing that the animals concerned live such carefree, happy, outdoor lives.

Our small-scale, artisan process, combined with the wonderfully pure water from the Lammermuir hills, produces yarns with exceptional softness which are a joy to work with. You may find some slight variation in thickness or colour, and the occasional slub, which are all part of the unique character of the yarn.

Our yarns are supplied with a very light mineral oil coating, which helps to protect the delicate fibres and reduces static during processing. This is easily removed by washing the finished item.

For best results, gently hand wash in warm water (about 30°c) using a wool detergent, and rinse in warm water. The key to preventing felting is to avoid any rapid changes in temperature, or too much movement of the garment in the water.

After washing, roll inside a large towel and gently squeeze (don’t wring); or machine spin inside a pillow case and allow to dry flat. Never tumble dry!

Be warned: the Alpacalopi and Lopi-Suri yarns will look TERRIBLE when they’re wet – a thin, stringy mess! DON’T PANIC!! Just leave them to dry and they will ‘fluff up’ beautifully again.



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