Minimum batch size

We’ve introduced a new minimum charge per batch for fleece processing.

We’ve had quite a few very small batches sent in recently, which are difficult for us to work with and also not so good for customers, as you tend to get a much lower return rate.  So we’re introducing a new minimum charge of £75 + VAT per individual batch, which equates to around 1.5 kg incoming weight for alpaca fleece to be spun into yarn, or 2.5 kg for fleece to be made into rovings or rug yarn.  (Sheep fleece tends to lose a lot more weight in washing, so we’d recommend at least 2 kg for yarn and 3 kg for rovings.)

We can, of course, still process smaller quantities if you really want us to, but the minimum charge will apply to the batch.  So for smaller fleeces, you might want to just hold onto them to process along with the next year’s fleece – they’ll be fine for a year (or even two) providing they’re completely dry, stored at a reasonably even temperature and kept safe from moths or mice.

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